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Sherman and I are excited to have you as a part of The Creatives Playground. So here’s a little background on how we created the perfect collaboration.  For the last few years, I have been extremely passionate about giving a voice and platform to RVA’s creatives. Being a creative myself, I had to think of cultivating a creative space where everything fun, quirky and inspiring would blossom.  During a spontaneous interview I had along this journey, I had the pleasure of speaking to Sherman.  I had a brief interaction with Sherman a few years ago at an event, and I remembered how much chemistry we had.  During our interview and a lunch or two, we understood that we definitely had lightning in a bottle with all of the ideas and creative aspirations we shared. We also shared a passion for helping people express their own passions. 

With Sherman being a life and relationship coach and me serving as a licensed officiant, it was like a match made in heaven. Sherman and I quickly realized that others who had a media platform, needed a creative space to belong.  So in my own chatty way I brought up the thought of taking all of our beautiful spaces and branding them as The Creatives Playground; this allowed Sherman and I to host & produce our Love Plus One Radio Show on a weekly basis in our studios. The images below are just a few ways that Sherman and I use the spaces in our lifestyle brand known as “See Us Do Life.”  We hope that you will find your own creative genius here as well, and we are here to help you develop your passions.



Sherman & Sharon 

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Managing Partner

I’m Sherman C. Urquhart, daredevil, goal smasher, lyfehack. I am an award winning author and certified life coach.  My first job however, is being a father to my 2 children, Carter and Lauryn.  I’ve been through my share of hardship and heartache, and now I use all of my energy to serve and to help people live their best lives. To that end, I founded Urquhart Solutions LLC.  My company specializes in connecting people and companies with their best versions and I’m excited to help lead the way with The Creative’s Playground.  This environment is perfect for those who are willing to take their lives to the next level and build their brands.


Passion: Making a difference in people's lives and leaving a positive legacy for my children.


Fun Facts: I play a few musical instruments and I'm a science geek! I’m also learning Spanish!


Things that you might not know: I enjoy spending time with my children, acting, playing basketball, and swimming.


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CEO & Founder 

Hi I am Sharon and I am best known for my candid and humorous personality. For over 20 years, I have served various organizations, cultivating the dreams of others launching them into unparalleled success. In 2014 I continued to set a precedent as the Editorial Director of Richmond's popular CEO Magazine. This digital & print publication features articles of women from various backgrounds and demographics who are leading in their communities and in the business sector.  CEO Magazine has also given birth to various subsidiaries: CEO Network, Club CEO & CEO Studios, Chicks With Brands™, The Pink Society, Twyine and CEO Publishing.  I’m a loving mother of three children: Lauren, Braxton, and Robert.  I also serve as a mentor to women all over.  Using my life experiences and challenging stories as motivation to succeed, I will continue to help great people overcome difficult circumstances.  

My passion - Decorating & Making a difference in the lives of others 


Fun Facts - I love binge watching netflix while eating ice cream in bed!


The things you might not know - I am a hopeless romantic.


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